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How Do You Take Your Whiskey?

By | source: Dec 21st, 2014

Whiskey, the drink of the wild west. The fuel of armed soldiers. The sweet nectar of Tennessee. A god among liquor. Whiskey isn’t easy to understand – that’s why you need to know the difference in types. I won’t go into percentages or details; I’ll just give you a brief run-down.

First off, there’s bourbon. Bourbon is whiskey distilled in the good’ol USA. Love it? Hell yeah. Then there’s Irish Whiskey (my favorite, usually sweeter), which must be brewed in Ireland. Scotch comes next, a smokier whiskey that improves with age, and must be distilled in Scotland. Finally there’s the most confusing – Rye Whiskey. A lot of the time, rye is distilled in Canada. It’s almost never 100 percent rye either, but usually a blend using different barrels for aging, or grain which is distilled. Rye Whiskey can also be distilled in America.

Now that you know the differences in whiskeys, you can take that to the bar and seem like a pro. Just remember though – good whiskey is easy to drink, and things that are easy to drink make it easy to get drunk. I usually take my whiskey on ice. I do the normal Jameson on the rocks, unless they have Jameson 12 on hand and then I’m in heaven. [via]