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Holiday Traveling in Europe

By | source: Dec 9th, 2011

So Brits like to holiday in Europe more often than in Texas. That’s okay with me, the most sought after destination for the British, Spain, is quite the location. The majority of people I know who’ve studied abroad went to Spain and I’ve heard it is a wonderful place. Although, the mix of balconies, sangria and an inexcusable butchery of the Spanish language tends to lead to the ER for some chaps.

Spain takes cake with nearly double of the amount of hospitalizations for UK tourists than any other country in Europe. The only reason I can think is that they party too hard. France has almost 10 million visits a year from the United Kingdom, but only 217 medical emergencies come out of them. Come on France, Step up! Why would I want to go on a vacation where I’m promised safety, security and a scar-free visit? I wouldn’t. Spain sounds much more exciting and I believe that’s why the British tend to vacation there. [Via]