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Hipsters: The World Tour

By | source: Dec 16th, 2013

Ahh, the elusive hipster. I can’t think of my hometown Austin, Texas, without picturing my beloved city and its inhabitants of hip youths with ironic glasses from Warby Parker, and equally ironic tattoos (probably of some anatomically correct organ or beautiful bird) who bike to coffee shops (maybe Epoch or Spiderhouse), loudly voice their opinions about music (Foxygen acted like a bunch of divas on their most recent tour, but that won’t stop me from listening to them), and probably take too many pictures of their Maine Coon Cats. Today’s infographic showcases these beatnik types in all their pretentious glory.

German hipsters hang out in cafes on their macbooks all day (sounds familiar…) while enjoying some sort of drink called Club Mate, and they wouldn’t be caught dead without their “second hand fixie bikes” (seems like a dead ringer for an Austin Texas hipster to me); the French apparently like to chow down on baguettes, red wine, and cigarettes–chain smoking seems to be a favorite past time; while the Swedish are all about marathon training and growing their own gardens.

I know, I know, stereotyping is wrong and bad, but poking fun at today’s generation seems like a healthy exercise, and we’ve probably all picked up a few of these habits. Don’t take yourself too seriously and enjoy today’s oh-so-hip infographic. [Movehub]