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The Top 50 Animated Movies Of All Time

By | source:Here Sep 15th, 2019

Animated movies may appear childish, but they are quite a lucrative business. It seems like every year there’s at least one box office hit that earns millions of dollars. You’d be surprised to find out just how much money they make from you and your kids.

When looking at the top 50 highest earners of all time, there’s only one movie that missed the half a billion mark: Toy Story 2 fell just short, but not by much.

The highest grossing animated movie of all time is Frozen. It has earned close to $1.3 billion from you and your kids during its time in theaters. Seems crazy, but you’ll just have to let it go.

Once the production companies find some success with a movie, they tend to pump out sequels. Of course, every child would like to see their favorite characters on the big screen with a new story! That’s why sequels rack up just as much dough as originals.

With movies like Lion King out this summer, get ready to shell out some more cash at the movies.  Maybe this is a good opportunity to bribe your kids to do some extra chores and earn it. Otherwise, they can just wait for it to come out on local cable.