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High Cholesterol

By | source: Jan 2nd, 2014

After constant nagging from my mother, I reluctantly made a trip to the doctor over this holiday weekend. My frequent bruising and fatigue had her worried that I was suffering from something that a simple over the counter medication could not resolve. Thankfully, nothing was wrong, I just bruise easily.

HOWEVER, I did find that out that I, a 22 year old vegetarian runner, have high cholesterol. Not kind of high, like really high, at least 45 points over the allotted maximum amount. While my current over-consumption of sinfully delicious foods over the Christmas holidays is probably the culprit for the spike in my cholesterol; it’s a scary to realize that high cholesterol is something I might end up struggling with, regardless of my healthy lifestyle.

According to today’s infographic, nearly 1 out of 6 adults has high cholesterol. That is a surprisingly large amount, and I bet many people don’t even know it — I know I didn’t. If possible, go for a check-up with your physician. Detecting high cholesterol early may delay a heart attack later on in life. [via]