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Here Are The Glasses That Fit Your Personality

By | source:Here Jun 21st, 2017

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Glasses have always been a crucial part of fashion. They frame the window to your soul, so to speak, and factor into any first impression.

Sure, watches, bracelets, and other jewelry are great, but glasses are literally on your face and what you put on your face might just have something to do with your personality.

Thick glass and circle rim are often associated with the bookworm crowd- these people mean business when it comes to reading and may have burnt midnight candles trying to get through books.   They want and need practical glasses. On the other side, there are hipsters, they want to achieve a vintage look and often wear fake prescription glasses. See a girl with transparent Wayfarers and you can be sure that she is a hipster.

Other styles do exist and they are all in today’s infographic. Jump right in and who knows, maybe you will discover a new frame that is suits your personality. Also, guys, I know this is a female-oriented infographic, but some styles are unisex, so it’s worth checking it out.