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Healthy Premiums: Why Is Your Insurance So High?

By | source: Jul 19th, 2013

When I was a junior in high school my Human Geography teacher went on and on about how terrible the health care system is in The United States and how great it is everywhere else. I was furious to hear someone slander my home and country in that way. So I went home, searched the Facebooks for anyone that lived anywhere other than The United States, and asked them about their healthcare situation. They all confirmed my teacherâ??s complaints.

Since then, I have had many friends that lack health insurance because it is not provided by their parentâ??s work place. I canâ??t imagine not being able to go to the doctor or dentist if I need to. But the solution is a hard one. I wish we could just take money from the rich and give to the poor for things like healthcare but that just isnâ??t in my moral code. If any of Michael Mooreâ??s documentary, â??Sicko,â? is true then it taught me that most countries have shady healthcare systems that donâ??t work as they are meant to.

Why is it so complicated for people who want to take care of people to get people the help they need? This infographic may have some answers.

[Carrington College]