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Health Benefits of Music

By | source: Jul 25th, 2014

So what do you know, music isn’t just inane sonic prettiness. It has scientifically proven, tangible rewards. Now, I know this may not be groundbreaking news to you, and honestly, a few of these are things most of us just kind of just assumed to be true. It’s comforting to be reassured that we’re not living in a fictitious wonderland where music is just a happiness placebo we were all tricked into liking. On the other hand, improved heart health as a benefit is pretty wild. Maybe that’ll help put my mind at ease when I reminisce about how everything my grandmother fed to me growing up was fried in bacon grease.

One thing I think is particularly interesting though is how there is zero emphasis on a certain type of music being more effective, and there are just so many types. Everyone has their own taste and some people consume a lot more than others, but everyone likes at least something, right? The best music is your favorite music, and your favorite music connects you to something that nothing else can. Maybe you don’t need to be told that “good music” is all just a matter of opinion, but look at the comments of any music video on YouTube and you will never fail to find someone standing on their objective pedestal arguing that this song is garbage. Maybe it is. Truth be told, it’s probably all garbage, but the highest bidder at the junkyard auction defines it’s value, not the person who threw it out.


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