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Happiness Statistics To Boost Your Mood

By | source:Here Dec 29th, 2019

Happiness is something that everyone strives to achieve. Ensuring that you’re happy is one of the most important things to consider when making choices. That being said, it can mean different things for different people. Being happy depends on what matters most to you personally and what your goals are in life.

Want to boost your mood on a bad day? Spend some time outside. In good weather, just 20 minutes is enough to lighten your mood and improve memory. What is even better is if you can get in some exercise outdoors, preferably surrounded by nature. 

There are six major factors that contribute to someone’s happiness. These are called the elements of wellbeing. The elements are mindfulness, physical, purpose, community, financial, and social. 

These factors greatly affect a person’s well being and happiness because all of them add up to create a well rounded, healthy lifestyle.

For some, different factors are more important than others. Some people may be more focused on their career and gain happiness from that. For other people, it’s all about family and making personal connections. The most important to someone can be the least important to someone else because it’s all a matter of personal preference. Happiness can take many shapes and forms!