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What Your Handwriting Reveals About You

By | source:Here Dec 5th, 2018

Next time you write down something the old fashioned way with pen and paper, you may want to be careful who sees it. Some analysts believe they can get information about your personality traits and current mind state just by looking at your handwriting.Although controversial, there is an actual science that studies the way we write, called graphology. Supporters believe they can gather information about more than 5000 human personality traits! Basic analysis of handwriting is not limited to graphologists, however. 70% of the time, an untrained eye will be able to recognize the writer’s gender.

The main characteristics that are analyzed are letter details, line spacing, and style. If you like to put a circle above the letter “i,” you may be more of a free spirit that likes individuality. A correlation is also noted between large letters and your outgoing personality. Having connected letters speak highly of your judgement ability and logic.

It’s probably too late to try and change your handwriting, but this information may come in handy next time you leave a signature somewhere.  You  might even find out interesting tidbits about personality, like of these top CEOs. Or you might want to consider your landlord already knows you’re shy and introverted from that check you signed last week.