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Guide To Fundraising On FB For Your Next Campaign

By | source:Here Apr 27th, 2019

Fundraising at the individual level has evolved beyond the traditional cookie sale into the digital world. Are you up to date? Here’s everything you need to know about the basics of fundraising through Facebook.

If you work for or have set up a nonprofit organization, you have two main options in order to register your organization to receive donations: either through a link to your website’s existing donation button or processing payments directly through Facebook with Network for Good.

In the US, you will need some bureaucratic requirements like being properly registered with the IRS and having a licensed bank account.

After you’ve set up your donation button, you’re ready to start accepting donations! The amazing thing is that 100% of donations received through Facebook go directly to the organization. That means fewer fees so you can do even more work! Your users will even be able to fundraise in your organization’s name, using social media to their fullest potential.

Whether you’re getting ready for your next big campaign or are in need of some smaller donations, using Facebook and other social media outlets to your advantage can be the key to your organization’s success. Use the internet to raise even more awareness!