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The 20 Most Infamous Burgers Ever Made

By | source:Here May 13th, 2020

Burgers are no doubt a worldwide favorite, but what happens if a chef decides to take a burger to the next level?

In today’s infographic, we’ll be looking at burgers. Not just any burgers, however, as this infographic highlights some of the most bizarre and/or gimmicky burgers from around the world. Some of you might be thinking, “Surely, there’s no way a burger can be that bizarre.” Well, today’s infographic will prove otherwise.

While all of these burgers are unique in their own way, I’ll be highlighting a couple of the bigger oddities of the bunch. For example, did you know that in Switzerland, they developed cheeseburger in a can for hikers and campers?

Another one of my favorites off of this list that you may have already heard of is the glazed donut burger, otherwise known as the Luther burger. It’s your classic cheeseburger, but it’s topped with an egg, lettuce, and sandwiched between two glazed donuts. Talk about a calorie bomb! This burger (or a form of it) has made the rounds to nearly every county or state fair that you could think of, but the one depicted in this Infographic comes from Crazy Annie’s in New York City.

The last “burger” (yes, the quotations were necessary) I’ll be highlighting is McGuire’s Terrible Garbage Burger from McGuire’s Tavern in Pensacola, Florida. The base of this burger seems normal enough, albeit a bit large, starting with a 3/4 lb. Black Angus burger. Beyond the meat though, this burger just goes absolutely bonkers as ingredients like peanut butter, marinara sauce, ice cream, and hot fudge are all piled on top.

These are only a few of the many crazy burgers in today’s infographic. Be sure to check out the rest and see which one you think is the most outrageous!