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Graduation Traditions Around The World

By | source:shutterfly Aug 18th, 2015

In America, graduation is usually the greatest moment in a student’s education. After 12 to 13 years of schooling, high school graduation is a very bittersweet moment. The extended family comes out to the ceremony, dinner is had after and family from across the country sends graduation gifts. It isn’t very usual for graduation ceremonies at elementary and middle school, unlike the Philippines where the lower education levels get to walk the stage.

Our ceremonies are very traditional. Only recently have college graduates started to differ from the norm by decorating the top of their graduation cap. Although, most of the decorations include the amount of debt the college put them in…

China has taken on a new fad for graduation you may not of expected, wedding dresses. Yes, some of the girls who graduation will go out and rent a wedding dress for the occasion. I agree with them. Live it up, you’ve worked too hard not to celebrate the way you wish.