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By | source: Dec 23rd, 2014

Jingle bells, Batman smells, Charles Dickens paved the way for serial writers to become popular, awesome people, yeeeaaaaaaaahhhh. That’s my favorite Christmas carol. But seriously, Dickens was a visionary, and not to mention totally hip. His work, A Christmas Carol, is basically the most famous Christmas story of all time. I mean, it invented the holiday. Before that, we only had a baby and some kings under a star. And then there was Santy Klaus. But now… Now, we have ghosts. Not only that – we have time traveling ghosts. Ghosts that will make a nice man of the meanest.

This story has been adapted into 28 different films and musicals. Heck, even mimes took a crack at it. (Random thought: Are mimes allowed to write? Because if they were, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose?) Ol’ Charlie Dickens was a monster too. He’d git up thur on dat stage after suckin’ down a couple swigs of gin ‘n juice, and perform his stuff the right way. AND he was a one man company. He would publish, print, bind, and advertise all of his works ALL BY HIMSELF. However, it was all fun and games with this scoundrel. Apparently, he was a bit of jerk. Some of the stuff he wrote totally hated on Jews. He also left his wife for some dumb, young actress. Nevertheless, his story of holiday cheer will forever bring joy and thanksgiving to all of western civilization! Cheers, Charles! [TheOnSwitch]