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Get Fit Without Weights: Bodyweight Exercises [Chart]

By | source:imgur Jan 6th, 2016

Gym memberships are expensive. Not only that, learning the correct and healthy way to lift weights can be a hassle. Some may say getting swole has never been this hard. Today’s infographic is here to solve that problem. Using your own bodyweight to exercise isn’t anything new. Human tend to weigh a lot, and with some creativity we can workout almost all our major muscles with our own weight.

I recently started bouldering and quickly learned my own body is extremely heavy. So heavy in fact that I learned falling can make me more sore than climbing. Yup, I didn’t learn how to fall very well my first time and the stress I put on my thigh muscles left me almost bed-ridden sore. My forearms also took a beating, but it was a crash corse in the value of bodyweight exercising.

Take a look at yourself, you, like me, needs to get in shape, why not start right this second? DROP AND GIVE ME 20!