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Fun Facts About Running and its Athletes

By | source:Here Mar 30th, 2017

I’m not exactly athletic. Far from it, actually –– any day that I go to the gym is an accomplishment. Even when I am staying active, I hate running with a burning passion.

This infographic might convince me to give it another try. Apparently, running can have a big impact on romance. 41% of people feel frisky after going for a nice jog. Additionally, 1 in 3 people train with a friend, which sounds like a fun bonding activity.

If you’re out running and can’t survive without headphones, you’re not alone. Music, pockets and performance socks are the top things runners value while exercising.

It’s hard to say which sports bra would be best for any woman, but almost half of people prefer a racerback style. Cheekily enough, 8% of people choose not to wear underwear while running. (Imagine the chafing. Or don’t. Your choice.)

When it comes to body goals, Cameron Diaz and David Beckham lead the pack for women and men respectively. Something all genders agree on: Forrest Gump is a running inspiration.

If running isn’t really your thing, why not give biking a try? Here’s a super handy guide to cycling worth checking out.