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Proper Flower Etiquette for Valentine’s Day

By | source: Feb 14th, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day, Infographers! Although many criticize this day as a hallmark holiday, I have always viewed it as a day to celebrate the friends, family and loved ones in your life. While one shouldn’t need a holiday to express love, it sometimes helps remind you to slow it down and recognize all of the love in our busy lives. Lets get to loving!

Flowers are such a sweet gift for both lovers and friends. Flowers smell beautifully, look fresh and natural and don’t add a layer of valentines day fat to your hips. This infographic sheds some light on proper floral etiquette. So guys, bring some daises for your office, give your girlfriend dahlias, your boyfriend orchids (for virility HA HA). And remember, red roses are for love, yellow are for friendship and BLACK are for hate, so don’t show up with the wrong color or you could be going home alone. [Via]