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Flowchart: How World War 3 Could Destroy The Planet

By | source:IMGUR Jul 22nd, 2015

Today’s flowchart follows the possible outcomes if NATO and Russia were to engage following disputes in Estonia. Although this chart does specify Estonia, this type of situation could arise from numerous ex-soviet countries being influenced by both Russia and the west.

A lot of news outlets are beginning to think the next cold war is upon us. They may not be too far off. Russia has been more aggressive than ever after invading Georgia and Ukraine. Anti-US sentiment is growing in Russia due to the harsh sanctions America has placed on their country. Putin is looking more like a dictator every day and tensions between Russia and the west have been growing constantly.

Today’s graphic describes a few options NATO, Russia and America have when confronted with foreign invasions and nuclear threats. It’s scary. My parents grew up in the cold war. They remember wondering every night before bed if a serious attack would happen. It looks like Russia and the US are back on this track of pushing the limits.

Hopefully, for the sake of our world, WWIII doesn’t come to fruition.