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How To Stay Healthy & Comfortable On Long Flights

By | source:Here Aug 6th, 2018

I’ll be honest, I hate when I have to fly somewhere. I get butterflies in my stomach and just feel uncomfortable. It’s even worse if I have to take a long trip, but it doesn’t have to be nerve-racking. Let’s look at some fantastic tips and tricks that teach you how to make your in-flight experience more comfortable.

Before your flight, remember to dress for your time on the plane. While it’s natural to want to look good, a few breathable layers are your best bet. You don’t want to feel miserably hot or cold on your trip. When I’m on a flight, I usually get cramps in my legs and blame it on the limited legroom. Thankfully, this infographic shares exercises you can do to make sure your legs don’t become numb. Twirling your feet is one way to make sure blood is flowing and increase your comfort.

Even if you’re dealing with jetlag, you may be tempted to drink endless cups of coffee, but it can lead to dehydration. Instead, drink a lot of water. I hope you can use this infographic to become more comfortable when you fly. If you’re like me and get flying anxiety, here are some tips to help you get over it. Safe travels!