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Economic Impact of the 2012 London Olympics

By | source: Aug 10th, 2012

I cannot believe another summer Olympics is almost over. Every four years people become fascinated by sports that almost never have any viewers. There are pre-event qualifiers that make sure even the initial heats of events have the best athletes in the world competing. When they actually get to the final event, we are talking about some of the best athletes history will ever see.

America has done well once again during the Olympics games. We are leading the medal count at 90 compared to China’s of 80 in second place. Great Britain has also done well snagging 25 gold medals and over 50 all together. Team GB must be feeling good, and because of the games, I’m sure the city is feeling good as well. AFter a whopping nine billion dollar investment for the games from the British, the pay out could be even better.

With over five billion in estimated economic stimulus, almost 18,000 jobs and over a 3% growth in the country’s economy – the UK may have struck gold. Along with the next World Cup in 2014, four years from now, the 2016 Summer Olympics will take play in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We’ll have to see if the economic benefit of that the Rio games can compare to the UK’s. [Via]