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16 Ways To Help Your Dog Fight The Summer Heat

By | source:Here Jul 9th, 2018

In case you somehow missed it, it’s extremely hot outside in most of the U.S. right now. As you relax by the pool with popsicles in-hand, there’s someone else you should consider: Your dog. Feeding and walking Fido isn’t the only thing you need to do right now. Even though dogs are somewhat self-sufficient animals, they require our help to stay healthy on scorching summer days.

Dogs have their own mechanisms to cope with hot weather, but sometimes the temperature is just too high for them to respond adequately. Luckily, this infographic has a number of ways to help your dog beat the heat.

Some of the solutions sound silly at first glance — most Rottweilers probably wouldn’t tolerate dog boots. Most of the suggestions are easy to pull off and require only slight tweaks to what you’re already doing.

Keeping your house cool and your furry friend hydrated will ensure maximum comfort. Avoid leaving your dog in your hot car, and don’t go on walks when the heat is brutal. Winter will be here before we know it, but until then, do your best to stay cool.