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35 Reasons Why You Need A Dog In Your Life

By | source:Here Jun 5th, 2021

We all love our dogs. Dogs bring comfort and friendship to people around the world. They don’t care what you look like, how funny you are, or how successful. It doesn’t even worry them if you have strange or unsociable personal habits. Your dog loves you, warts and all.

But it seems that the advantages of owning a dog extend far beyond the obvious. This infographic offers a colourful view of the many benefits of dog ownership. The benefits start in infancy with babies suffering fewer allergies when there are dogs in the house. Children stay healthy thanks to the pooch so they are absent from school less frequently.

The benefits of dog ownership are backed by science. An in-depth review of studies found that dog owners were at less risk of dying. They were also better able to cope with stress and their blood pressure was lower.

Perhaps this is partly due to a healthier lifestyle. A British study found that dog owners were more likely to reach daily exercise requirements by a factor of four.

Dogs bring even more benefits to those who cannot help themselves. Guide dogs help the blind. Specially trained dogs are also used in search and rescue operations following disasters such as avalanches and earthquakes. They keep us safe by warning us of intruders and they help the police to catch criminals. They, certainly deserve their reputation as man’s best friend.