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DIY Filmmaker’s Toolkit

By | source: Nov 16th, 2011

All Brad Pitt has do is walk through an airport with his kids, and the paparazzi are all over it, documenting each expression, each movement of his mane, as if it is edifying for the world to see one so famous doing something so refreshingly normal. No offense to Brad and his brood, but as good of an actor as he is or isnâ??t, what is with the celebrity obsession? I guiltily check too, so I canâ??t throw any stones, but when the Academy Awards Ceremony airs, it always astounds me how many incredibly talented, and often unrecognized, people it takes to make one film. The actors are just a front for a cast of musicians, directors, cinematographers, make-up artists, costume designers, butt doubles and (lest I forget the lesson of Wag the Dog) producers.

In the spirit of looking past the familiar faces to the hardworking artists behind the scenes, todayâ??s infographic shows a few do-it-yourself tricks of the trade for filmmakers or wannabe filmmakers on a budget. [via]