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Distracted Teen Drivers

By | source: Nov 2nd, 2012

Do you text and drive? Well you suck. Texting and driving is actually much more dangerous than drinking and driving. I bet you’re still going to do it too. What’s your problem?

I stopped texting and driving when I was eighteen. I don’t know why, but to be honest I suck at driving when I’m texting. My hometown of Austin, Tx banned texting while driving a year or two ago. Although our governor veto’d a state wide texting-ban, I personally think a ban is a good way to stop future accidents from happening.

When young teens receive their first driver’s license in Texas, they have a 6th month ban on using any type of electronic device while driving. I know when I was 16, I didn’t care about the law. I texted all day and all night, never got in trouble or a wreck, but I know it wasn’t safe.

Today’s graphic gives you the low-down on unsafe teen driving practices. Horseplay in the vehicle is something that starts to die down after growing out of being a teenager, but I remember how rambunctious it could get with a car full of sixteen year olds. [National Teen Driver Safety Week – Michigan Auto Law]