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Digital Technology In Your Car

By | source: Aug 8th, 2012

The ideal car is your way from point A to point B. But as time has passed, your car has evolved into something much more than just a motor vehicle.

In recent times, we’ve began to see cars that can park themselves, alert you of something or someone in your blind spot, and even come with Wi-Fi included. The infographic gives a timeline of improvement that ultimately make your car safer. You can see how rapidly we’re making headway in producing safer vehicles.

In a sense, cars are also becoming more travel friendly. You can sync your iPod or smartphone to a good number of cars being developed. What comes from that is access to a GPS navigation system, hands free communication, and a way to jam out when you’re on the go. What should be the next thing to lookout for in motor vehicle improvement? Share your thoughts in the comment box. [Via]

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