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Crucial Workforce Skills You Need Now to Keep Your Job

By | source:Here May 2nd, 2019

We are moving into a world in which machines will soon perform nearly half of workforce activities. While 29 percent of today’s required work is already done by artificial intelligence, it will double to 58 percent by 2022.

Because of this impending scenario, it is important to learn workplace skills that a machine cannot do, in order to ensure yourself a prosperous financial future.

Trending skills include critical thinking and analysis and complex problem solving, since computers can only calculate and perform menial tasks; they have difficulty looking outside the box and taking into consideration abstract ideas.

In addition, machines do not have empathy, so future “human” workforce assets must learn leadership, develop social influence skills, and study ways to improve emotional intelligence over straight IQ.

So, if you learn to think on your feet, collaborate effectively in teams, and communicate with empathy and emotional intelligence, regardless of the industry, you will be valuable to any organization.