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Crazy McDonald’s Items

By | source: Feb 25th, 2012

I’ve honestly never really been a fan of McDonalds. But the fact it is that everyone else in the world is. McDonalds is everywhere thanks to tasty food and smart marketing. Itâ??s the largest chain of fast food restaurants and takes the throne of all corporate giants.  Youâ??ll find a Mcdonalds in almost every country or state that you visit, and once you see those golden arches, you know that your home to your beloved Big Mac. Or are you?

Turns out, McDonalds menu options vary by state and country. You wonâ??t find a Cheese Katsu in America, but youâ??ll find the fried pork sandwich stuffed with cheese available in Asia. Even the McDonalds in Germany features beer on their menu!

Some of the items in this infographic are failed menu items, but it would be great to bring some of them back! I would defiantly like to try McDonalds take on pizza, appropriately named, The McPizza. If anything this infographic should inspire you to try new foods as you venture out of you home state. Instead of venturing out to some hole in the wall to try some new cuisine, you can just stroll over to the nearest McDonalds and see what they have to offer. Bon appetite! [via]