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Combating Assignment Stress: The Modern Solution

By | source:Here Oct 5th, 2019

Student life is gradually changing with technological progress that opens new opportunities. Educational approaches evolve, and students experience stressful situations more often. College entrants and high school students should address these challenges. This requires finding new solutions and making quick decisions. In their academic pursuits, college freshmen search for new patterns of facing multiple challenges. They set ambitious goals: good performance in schools, staying socially active, and survival in this rush. It’s not easy to combine all these activities without applying for the assistance of third parties.

How Can Students Address Academic Challenges?

At some point, students realize that excellent academic performance in all subjects is a myth. Attempts to cope with multiple duties may result in stress. Therefore, they apply for academic writing, and the reasons are as follows:

  • The pursuit for writing assistance – professional academic writers can complete custom papers of any complexity
  • Obtaining samples of papers – students can use the ideas from paper samples to brainstorm for their papers.

Why Are Students Searching for Experts to Write Shortcuts?

As a rule, students don’t have time for completing written tasks. The most common reasons for this are:

  • the necessity to study and work simultaneously to pay tuition fees
  • the desire to pay more attention to family members or socialize with friends
  • inability to get an extension when unexpected circumstances emerge
  • certificates students get after a course completion add confidence when applying for a dream job
  • insufficient level of English
  • maintaining focus on the mandatory subject rather studying secondary disciplines.

Additional Reasons to Apply for Professional Help

Continuous pressure associated with insufficient time available for completing assignments is enhanced by:

  • the necessity of covering the average tuition fee per year ($8,000 on average)
  • the need for allocating time for studies every day (minimum length of online courses is 135 hours)
  • the obligation to write 35 pages on average to complete one course
  • the inability of completing tasks individually due to low levels of English (high requirements for the level of English for international students).

Annual Tuition Fees as Motivation to Delegate Written Tasks

Many students try to find jobs to pay tuition fees and separate from their parents. Even part-time employment takes a minimum of 20 hours per week to cover living expenses and tuition fees. As a result, little time is left for studies, and they don’t have a choice but ask for external assistance in completing written tasks.

Average tuition fees in some English-speaking countries:

  • United Kingdom – $12,000
  • United States – $10,000
  • Canada – $5,000
  • Australia – $5,000

Popular Types of Assignments Ordered by Students

  • More than one-third of college essays is written by professionals (35%)
  • One-quarter of all ordered custom papers make various assignments (25%)
  • Research papers make 15% of all papers written for students
  • Roughly 13% of papers ordered are the tasks of advanced complexity (dissertations, Capstone projects, reviews)
  • 7% of term papers are written by experts
  • The remaining 5% are courseworks