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Coca-Cola and the Movies

By | source: Jun 11th, 2012

Ah, the blessing/curse of product placement. It’s hard to believe that there once was a time when we weren’t constantly bombarded by advertisements. In fact, by average we see almost 3000 advertisements a day from various media sources (newspaper, internet, tv, etc.). But the hallmark of movie product placement is a magical thing. Being so invested in the characters and the story, sometimes we can entirely miss a blatant shout out to one of your most favorite commercial items from your local supermarket.

I know what your thinking… BRAINWASHING! Well yes and no, but when you break it down that’s pretty much what the goal of advertisement is – planting a brand name in your head so that when you are in need of an item that the commercial or product placement displays, you immediately know where to go because it is familiar. But enough about that, lets talk about COCA-COLA!

This infographic shows that Coca-cola has been present in blockbuster movies for quite a long time. In fact, as the budgets for movies have grown, so have the frequency of it’s presence in Hollywood. Going all the way back to King Kong, Coca-cola has been king of the product placement game, beating out Apple and Toyota in influence over the movie industry.

Gee all this typing is making me thirsty, I think I’ll go drink some Pepsi.