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Buying a New Car

By | source: Oct 5th, 2012

Buying a car can be a job within itself. With hours of research, days of car hunting at dealerships and countless test-drives – it is one of the most important purchases next to buying a house. Today’s infographic gives a unique view into the demographics of today’s auto industry and a few tips when dealing with salesmen.

I have lucked out with the car I have. This summer after an outrageous repair quote, I was almost sure I would have to go car shopping. Luckily the dealership was just trying to rip me off (not surprised) and I got it fixed for a fraction of the price. I did learn this summer that my care won’t last forever. It is over a decade old now and may only have a few years left. I’ve watched so many friends and family members search for the right car – always taking them months or even years to find one. For me, the two most important things in a vehicle is that it must represent my personality and be able to keep up with my lifestyle. I understand why people take such precious time picking out their new ride.

Now that the American car companies are back on their feet, a ton of quality vehicles are being produced in our country. I’m a sucker for the Japanese models, but in a year or two I’ll leave no stone unturned. []