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Building The Ultimate Resume Using Science

By | source:Here May 31st, 2017

Summer’s out, school’s out.  If you’ve just graduated, you might have to find a job. Wow, when I think about it that sounds super depressing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Some professions that you find dull and a waste of time, someone else will gladly jump into them. It is all a matter of perspective and taste. Everybody needs to follow a career path that will lead them to success and most importantly happiness.

So becoming an adult means finding a job and happiness in doing it. It is tough enough to find your true calling, but on top of that, you will have to fight hard to earn it. Every day there are tons of people applying for your dream job and you will have to stand out from them if you want to succeed.

In this age where your resume talks first, you will need to get innovative in order to draw attention to yourself. That is where science and this infographic come in. Follow the formula created by people in lab coats (surely they know what they are doing) and put together the ultimate resume that will set you apart from the competition.

If what you found isn’t working, you can always try changing career paths.