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Build Your Own Technology Stack [Interactive]

By | source:TheSoftwareGuild Dec 23rd, 2015

Click Here for the Interactive Infographic

Software developers are one of the most sought-after positions in tech. Living in Austin, TX and working in the same office as dozens of freelancing developers I can easily see the industry demand. Today’s infographic will help explain the difference between front and back-end developers as well as the jack-of-all-trades, a full-stack developer.

Front end development includes the parts of websites and apps that the user can see and interact with. These developers work closely with design and user experience to make sure the consumer has a positive experience aesthetically, and when navigating the site.

Backend developers focus on servers, applications and databases. Using various existing software, these people make sure that the relationship between those three things runs smoothly.

Full stack developers can handle both aspects of development, front and back end. These developers are very skilled in different languages and programs.

The Rise of the developer comes in part with the fact that one doesn’t need a computer science degree to be qualified for a certain job. Real-world experience is much more valuable. Check out the interactive version of today’s infographic below for more info:

Click Here for the Interactive Infographic