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Bottoms Up!

By | source: Nov 4th, 2011

Just looking at this makes me sick. Whoever came up with the idea of drinking wine in bulk is insane. But when the time calls for a cheap buzz, these drinks are here for you. Just be sure to have a glass of water between each drink (or you’ll look a fool).

If you ask for my recommendation, I’ll tell you to pay up and actually get something worth putting in your body. To tell you the truth, I wonder if they even filter some of these drinks. Luckily my parents spoil me with the best red wine in the country. If I had to drink Franzia with my filet mignon, I would not be a happy guy.

So by now you’re thinking I’m just a stuck up kid who refuses to drink with the ‘lower class’. But trust me, you can dish out a few more dollars on a decent bottle of vodka or tequila and have a much nicer time. Your body is a temple. Treat yo’self!

Be sure to discuss below your favorite drink purchases and justify why they are the best! [Via]