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GMass Review: Features, Pros & Cons

By | source: Jun 11th, 2019

GMass is a cold (unsolicited) email marketing service and mail-merge tool that works within the Gmail platform. The service aims to help businesses increase their open rates by making email outreach campaigns easy to manage from your Google inbox. 

GMass made several upgrades in 2021 to appeal to more customers. Where once they were popular with bloggers, GMass hopes to expand to email marketers and other high-volume senders looking to bypass Gmail’s email limits. 

In this GMass review, we’ll cover these updates, as well as their main features, pricing, and more!

What is GMass?

GMass is a mass email campaign builder and sender that works with Gmail and Google Inbox. The system itself is a Chrome extension that embeds within Gmail to help you maximize Google’s email services

However, while it can take on tasks such as automatically extracting email addresses and send follow-ups based on your presets, some abilities remain limited or nonexistent. For example, GMass doesn’t offer A/B testing or email templates. Additionally, the only integration currently available is Google Sheets. 

But if you’re looking for a system to enhance Gmail’s current features, GMass is well-suited for the job.  


GMass Main Features and Benefits

GMass boasts a number of simple yet powerful features to enhance your Gmail marketing experience. 

Easy to Install

As a Chrome extension, all you have to do to start using GMass is download it into your browser. And, because it enhances your system, you don’t need to learn a bunch of new, fancy features. Just download, compose, and send!

Upgraded Send Limits

One of GMass’ big 2021 updates was installing their own servers to route emails themselves. This allows their customers to “break” Gmail’s daily email limits (set at 500 for regular users and 2,000 for Google Suite clients) and send a whopping 10,000 messages per day!

Powerful Email Campaign Tools

GMass lets you send personalized, unsolicited messages, called cold emails, to everyone in your address book. Then, based on whether you receive a response, you can set up automatic follow-up emails as “replies” to increase your chance of a response – without spamming people’s inboxes.  

This powerful segmentation, combined with automatic scheduling, helps you connect with customers and potential sales alike. At the same time, you can set up GMass to send different emails for each customer response to build a more personal relationship.  

Automated List-Building

One perk that GMass offers is automated list-building. When you install GMass, its software crawls your email conversations. Then, it picks out email addresses and first names and adds them to a Google Sheet to build your address book. GMass even verifies the emails first to make sure you only campaign to live accounts! 

Simple Personalization Abilities

If you’re using GMass for email marketing, chances are, you’re not looking for something fancy. With GMass’ functional range of personalization, you can:

  • Individualize names, fallback values, and headers
  • Set up merge tags 
  • Personalize images and attachments
  • Use first-name detection to automatically complete your address book

And all of this happens right in Google Sheets for easy access!


GMass comes with built-in analytics abilities right in your Google Inbox. You can use your insights to:

  • Look at your open, ignored, click, and replay rates
  • Export your data
  • View a breakdown of recipient information
  • Create visual graphs and charts to map your progress

Plus, GMass lets you generate live web reports that you can share with anyone via a public URL link

GMass Limitations

Although GMass helps users get the most out of their free email account, it’s not without its limitations. 

Only Available for Gmail 

GMass is first and foremost a service to improve your Gmail marketing experience. Unfortunately, that means that this system is only available for Gmail. 

Only One Integration

Unfortunately, GMass’ Gmail-oriented service extends to its integration. The service offers only one: Google Sheets. Here, you can build, manage, and personalize your recipient list. But you’re also limited in list-building by what Google Sheets can (and can’t) accomplish. 

No Built-in Email Templates

GMass does not come with email templates as part of its service. Additionally, you’re limited to Gmail’s message composition abilities, including design constraints. 

That said, you can design your own template library with a bit of work. Once you design an email that you like, you can save it as a template for future campaigns. As you create more emails over time, your library will grow, giving you more options in the future. 

No A/B Testing 

A/B testing lets you try out subject lines and messages before you send them to your entire recipient list. And though it’s a standard option for most email marketers, GMass doesn’t offer A/B testing of any kind. 

GMass Customer Support

If you struggle at any point, GMass provides help through their ticketing system and customer support email address. Additionally, GMass provides plenty of FAQs and blog articles in their online help desk if you run into trouble. 

That said, there’s no phone or live support available at this time.  


GMass used to offer a “Minimal Plan,” which has since been discontinued. Now, customers can purchase one of two plans:

  • The Standard Plan starts at $12.95 per month for unlimited access to all features except sequences and follow-ups. This plan is only available for individual customers. 
  • Premium starts at $19.95 per month, per person for full access. You can also buy into a five-person Team package starting at $89 per month. 

GMass Review: Is It Worth the Cost?

GMass is designed to help Gmail-based email marketers make the most of their free email account. By “breaking” Gmail’s daily send limits, enhancing your personalization and analytic abilities, and letting you save your emails as templates, you can grow your cold-email business with ease. 

That said, GMass comes with some crucial limitations, including a lack of integrations and no A/B testing. Plus, if you use a non-Gmail inbox for your business, GMass won’t work at all.

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The 5 Health Advantages of Quantum Water Bottles for Your Body and Mind

By | source: Sep 19th, 2022


Since the magnitude of the quantum water trend has hit, we’ve heard about all the benefits that come with it. Users explain how it can increase hydration, flush toxins, and manage blood sugar. There are so many options available in today’s market. Different vessels cater to all kinds of needs, whether you need an on-the-go hydration solution or an insulated container to keep your drinks cold for extended periods. That’s all great to hear, but you may be wondering “What is quantum water?” and what are the specific advantages of a quantum water bottle over any other drinking vessel?

Quantum water results from water passing through a process that infuses it with beneficial electrolytes. When we consume this water, it enters our bloodstream, where it can provide us with essential hydration for our entire body. Here are five advantages of buying a quantum water bottle:

1. It Can Reduce Inflammation In The Body

When it comes to health, we want to avoid inflammation at all costs. Many diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, are caused or worsened by excessive inflammation in the body. As we age, our bodies naturally produce more inflammatory agents. While this is a natural part of the aging process, we can protect ourselves by reducing the number of inflammatory agents in our system. 

2. It Can Fight Free-Radical Damage

Quantum water can also fight free-radical damage by strengthening your immune system. The nature of this “molecular water” creates a superoxide radical, a powerful antioxidant, making it a powerful agent for fighting free radicals. While this isn’t the only way a quantum water bottle can help protect your body from free radical damage, it is one of the most significant advantages of this product. When exposed to harmful toxins, such as pesticides and chemical agents, which many of us are, they can cause damage to your body. Free radicals are the by-product of this damage and can lead to illness, aging, and death.

3. It’s Good For Your Skin And Hair

Many of us drink water to stay healthy and hydrated, but did you know that drinking water can also keep your skin and hair healthy? Water is essential for preventing premature aging, which is why we recommend drinking enough of it every day. Your skin can become dry, dull, and irritated when you don’t drink enough water. When you’re dehydrated, your body naturally pulls moisture from your skin. It pushes it towards your organs, leaving your skin feeling dry, so staying hydrated is essential. Water also helps your hair follicles retain moisture, preventing hair loss. When dehydrated, your body naturally pulls water away from your hair, making it look thin and brittle. Drinking enough water can reduce hair loss and prevent hair from breaking, which can later help delay severe hair loss.

4. It Can Help With Weight Loss

When you drink enough water, you naturally flush out toxins from your body, which can help with weight loss. When your body is healthy, it can adequately metabolize and process nutrients, which can help with weight loss. When your body is less toxic, it can focus more on burning fat rather than just trying to remove the toxins from your body, which can help speed up the weight loss process.

5. Help In Digestion

The unique water from drinking quantum water has been found to help digestion. Many people with digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease have found that drinking water with ions has helped them with their health issues. It has been found that the water has a neutral pH level which is very beneficial in digestion. It can also help with any stomach pain.


When it comes to your health, you should always be aware of the dangers of consuming toxins. Luckily, with a quantum water bottle, you can protect yourself from harmful toxins while enjoying the many health benefits of drinking more water.

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