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Blockbusters and the Bottom Line: Harry Potter vs Twilight

By | source: Jan 28th, 2016

I’ll start this post off with a little opinion: Harry Potter was way better than Twilight. Take a gander at today’s infographic and judge for yourself, but I think it is obvious that Harry Potter was a better franchise. Okay, that is actually not true.

Twilight wasn’t really my generation. I didn’t grow up dressing up as vampires and going to the movies at midnight. I grew up dressing like wizards and going to the movies at midnight. I think there is something special about generational series. Let’s take Star Wars for instance. Why was Star Wars such a huge hit?

The special effects in the old movies we’re groundbreaking, but the timing of the release played a big part. Having the sequels come out relatively soon was genius. The fanbase grew and the fanatics came out of the woodwork. Judge for yourself on which series was best, I like them all.