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Why You Need More Fiber In Your Diet

By | source:Here Feb 23rd, 2020

One of the best things you can do for your body is to eat a diet rich in fiber. Many people don’t realize that their diets are deficient in this area. The American Heart Association Eating Plan recommends that we eat around 30 grams of fiber per day, while most Americans only eat half of that–roughly 15 grams of fiber a day. 

Fiber is something that is only found in plant-based foods. Good sources of fiber include fruit, nuts, oats, and dark vegetables. As a traditional rule of thumb, the darker the color, the higher the fiber content. If eaten consistently and in the suggested quantity, fiber has amazing benefits to your overall health. It has been shown to not only protect against cancer but also promote weight loss while lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Not to mention, a steady fiber-rich diet will absolutely help to regulate bowel movements, eliminating the need for any sort of laxative–which has become one of the most common drugs in the world. 

Eating more fiber doesn’t mean just eating salads for lunch every day. There are plenty of ways to increase your fiber intake. If you’re interested in integrating more fiber into your diet, check out these delicious oatmeal recipes and take a look at today’s infographic!