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Behind Birthstones

By | source: May 13th, 2012

It’s that time of year again: today is Mother’s Day. I know that I’ve overlooked this holiday by accident in the past and as a result I’ve had to scramble in order to get gifts for the mothers in my family, which is never fun.

For those last-minute shoppers out there thinking to themselves “what could I possibly get in this little amount of time that I have?” I have today’s infographic from online jeweler, which outlines the significance and meaning behind the 12 precious gems known as birthstones.

Jewelry might not be the cheapest option and some might feel that it’s a pretty “typical” gift, but knowing the significance behind your mother’s specific gem would make it much more personal and meaningful. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to have a mother whose birthday is in October or December, their piece of jewelry might not hurt your wallet so much (Opal and Turquoise being relatively less expensive than most of the other stones on the list).

For more information on the attributes and lore behind birthstones, refer to the infographic below. Have a happy Mother’s Day! [Via]