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Beautiful Problems

By | source: Nov 26th, 2011

As the old saying goes, beauty is skin deep. Since middle school, I’ve seen girls, and even some guys, cling to the lipsticks and blushes and eyeshadows. These “beauty” products are considered to be the gateway between us and the hottie across the room. But beware. A simple spritz of perfume can ultimately lead to your demise.

The infographic states that our skin absorbs around 60 percent of any product we use. The infographic also states that the average woman wears close to 515 chemicals a day. When applying any beauty product, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t the damage it will do. It’s hard to believe that something advertised to be helpful and to increase appeal is actually more harmful than most. Some deodorants and nasal sprays contain aluminum and your toothpaste could actually suppress your immune system. One way to protect yourself is by checking the labels. Try to stay away from artificial fragrance, color, and mineral oils.

Read the infographic below and decided if attracting that hottie is worth it. [Via]