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Australian Customs: What You Must Declare

By | source: Sep 8th, 2014

Traveling to Australia any time soon? I know I am… Or at least wish I was. I’m fascinated with the country, the people, the wildlife, and the lifestyle seems right up my ally. I’ve always felt a weird connection with Australia, because I feel like its kind of like where I live: Texas. We both have swamps, deserts and mountains, almost every environment, it’s huge, it’s hot, and it’s full of deadly animals. Yeah, I think my Texas blood would enjoy a trip across the Pacific, but getting there is another story.

Customs is something a lot of us have gone through. Sometimes it’s easy; sometimes it’s four hours in a warehouse in Mexico with no air conditioning. (I was only 12, but I can’t forget that experience.) Declaring items is normal for all countries, but every country is slightly different. Of course, there’s the normal no drugs, weapons, or bugs, but the Aussies have some more specific forbidden things. Queensland strictly forbids used beekeeping equipment – with good reason, hand-me-down keeper suites just don’t fit with the Queensland vibe. Another quirky item on the banned list is banana-planting material. I’m not sure if shovels fall under this, but I’m certain I can plant a banana with a shovel.

Although I wrote this from a visitor perspective, you Aussies are the ones who need to pay even more attention. Exotic plants, animals, or food you brought back from your trip abroad might end up in the trash. Remember these rules, and your souvenirs will stay with you. [Allianz]