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Why Godzilla Is King Of The Monsters

By | source:Here Jun 15th, 2020

One of the most iconic monsters in cinema history is the Japanese kaiju, Godzilla. Since 1954, Godzilla has been terrorizing audience-goers from the big screen.

Anybody who knows their iconic movie monsters knows that Godzilla is an insanely intimidating force. After all, he’s not called “King of Monsters” for nothing! An absolute mountain of a creature, Godzilla has various abilities such as atomic breath, a healing factor, a nuclear pulse, amongst other things. While viewers are able to see Godzilla use these abilities in action, we never really get to see how exactly these abilities work anatomically. Well, everything you know about Godzilla is about to change, because today’s infographic, covers the anatomy of our favorite kaiju.

As expected, Godzilla’s body operates quite differently from ours. In order for Godzilla’s body to do what it does in movies, some of his essential organs differ quite a bit from our own. For instance, his heart is completely radioactive, filled with enough atomic energy to level a large city. The differences aren’t restricted to only organs, though. Godzilla also has a tail and scales, contributing to his dragon-like appearance.

It’s quite interesting to see the differences between Godzilla’s body and our own, so be sure to view the rest of the infographic!