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Content Marketing Trends That Rule 2020

By | source:Here Jun 17th, 2020

2020 has spiraled into a year full of surprises, spreading the wings of change across every possible business niche. Content marketing has not been left out. From the previous year, we realized that the importance of content marketing could not be overemphasized. Seth Godin had correctly defined Content Marketing as “the only marketing left because it is authentic, useful, and suits perfectly for the internet generation.” Now, it is evident that content marketing will be more useful in 2020, and it will be more radically distributed.

So, let’s find out what content marketing trends will twist the narrative in 2020 and set everything spiraling for the new Gen Z marketing niche.

Teams will be amassed to focus on content creation, to deepen research, and to better calculate target goals. Artificial Intelligence, as evident with Grammarly, will replace content marketing teams and agencies. This is in the bid to improve productivity and stay ahead of the competition. Targeted content will also emphasize the importance of companies to customers. As there is an increasing number of voice searches on the internet, the content will need to be optimized for voice search to improve result accuracy. Brevity will also make an important statement in 2020.

The year will also witness a rise in the use of interactive content. This will invite the audience to join the conversation, and in turn, improve the conversion rate. Live video will dominate content, pushing the frontiers of interactive marketing by employing active engagements. Creating content that is both enjoyable, easy to read, and beautiful will soon become the order of the day as content should be experienced rather than just seen or read.

Also, content marketing will drive up sales, and turn leads into conversions. However, writing skills will be sidelined because more possibilities are opening into the content marketing niche. Writing is going to struggle for that attention. 

Brands using all of these strategies will surely stay ahead of the competition in 2020!