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The Top 40 Imports And Exports In The U.S.

By | source:Here Jun 13th, 2018

There’s a long-running joke that everything in the U.S. is made in China. While it’s said in jest, it does raise an interesting question: What does the rest of the world buy from the United States? Find out in today’s infographic about the top imports and exports in the country.

This infographic calculates the top imports and exports by both value and weight, so you get an idea of the heaviest and most expensive items. Many of our beloved electronics are imported from elsewhere, and we also get printers, car parts and sweaters from neighboring nations.

With so much of our staples coming from foreign countries, what could the rest of the world want from us? Americans export food items like poultry and sugar, and American-made cars are still in high demand overseas. Even though much of our car production has been outsourced, the U.S. is still a big player in the automobile industry. Other top exports include scrap paper and metal, plastic and hay.

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