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All About Barks

By | source: Oct 13th, 2011

The title pretty much gives it away. Today’s infographic is all about dogs barking. If your dogs are anything like mine, you’re probably looking for a way to stop the endless barking (see section 5). Although most of my dogs’ barking is out of joy and good energy, it can still be rather frustrating to the ear drums.

If you’re also a cat fan, our Woof vs. Meow infographic might suit you better. Today is all about dogs. I love dogs. Every kind of dog. I want to hug every type of dog. I just love them all so much.

Whew! Sorry about that. Enough emotional ranting. Hope you enjoy today’s post, I definitely learned some new things about barking (although I disagree that an anti-barking drug should ever be used). Feel free to post funny dog videos in the comments below. [Via]