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A World Without Facebook

By | source: Apr 28th, 2011

Everyone already knows what Facebook is and it requires no introduction. Facebook has created a platform in which we interact with each other without ever having to meet face to face. It allows for businesses to take off without ever having to spend a dime on advertisement; local business now has a voice against the big companies. Facebook has helped level the playing field, everyone and everything can have an internet presence. With their social plug-ins Facebook makes it easy for anyone with a site to gain fans and have their fans share the site with their friends. However, what would life be like without Facebook?

As you may have already guessed today’s infographic is all about the world without Facebook. As previously mentioned local businesses use Facebook for marketing, 70% to be exact. That would mean that over half of of local business would lose access to thousands of potential customers. Today if we want to share a picture we simply upload it to Facebook and anyone we want can see it. If it weren’t for this we would have to wait for people sign into IM, e-mail the photo, or wait until we see them next. What about arranging get togethers? We would have to send out e-vites, mail out invitations, or make tons of calls. Luckily today all we have to do is create an event and add whoever we want to the list. [via]

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