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A Short Guide for a Good Float

By | source: Aug 5th, 2012

Summer is in high swing and there is no more popular place to be than in some cool water, relaxing. For those readers who, like me, are fortunate enough to live close to a river, one of the best parts of summer is grabbing an inner tube, some friends (maybe some drinks) and floating down.

Today’s infographic from gives a good outline for people who may want to float the river with their friends and have a good time, but who may not have much tubing experience.

One of the most important rules is the very first one, which states that someone new to tubing (or a new river) should learn the rules and regulations of that river first. This includes whether or not tubing is actually allowed on the river, what times of day tubing is available, and what types of activities are allowed on the river.

For more tips on having a good float refer to the infographic below. [Via]

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