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The True Cost of Commuting

By | source:Quid Corner Jul 14th, 2016

Most of us need to get to a place to do things that get us the money we need to travel to that place every day.

We don’t all get to that place in the same manner, though. If you’re commuting in a car you’ve got a whole host of costs to consider. The cost of the car, the cost of fuel, the cost of parking, the cost of maintenance, the cost of insurance, and more.

If you rely on a vehicle that is maintained by someone else, like a train, you still have to pay for maintenance and fuel and all that stuff rolled into the cost of your ticket, but you don’t actually have to deal with any of it.

If cycling is an option for you, it can have a lot of advantages over other forms of transportation. For one, you are the fuel. Instead of pumping gas or electricity into your car you pump your muscles. Bike maintenance is still a thing, but is way, way cheaper than a car, as is purchasing a bike in the first place.

How do you get to your workplace? And if you’re dreaming of cutting out your commute altogether, let us encourage you with this infographic on the perks of working from home.