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A Non-Native English Speaker’s Guide to Paper Products

By | source:Here Nov 25th, 2022

Paper Products can be confusing to non-native English speakers. It’s not just that they’re made of paper, which is completely logical and expected. No, it’s the way that paper is used in such different ways than in other languages or cultures. For example: do you know what “tissue paper” is? Or how about “toilet paper”? We’ve created this guide so that you’ll never have to wonder again!

Paper towels

Paper towels are commonly used in the United States, but not as much in non-English speaking countries. The most common use of paper towels is to clean up spills and clean your hands. Paper towels can also be used to dry your hands after washing them or to remove makeup from your face.

Tissue paper

Tissue paper is a versatile, lightweight and inexpensive paper product that is used in many different ways. It typically comes in rolls of 50 feet or less and can be found at any grocery store or big box store. Tissue paper can be used as gift wrap (as shown in the image above), it can be used to decorate cakes, cupcakes and other desserts, it can be used as packaging material for small gifts and candies, it can even be pressed into service as a napkin!

Toilet paper

Toilet paper is a common item in the bathroom. It’s used to clean yourself after using the toilet. Toilet paper comes in different sizes and colors; you can choose from large rolls, extra-large rolls or even two-ply! The actual product itself is made from wood pulp (the soft kind of tree) mixed with other materials such as limestone, water and chemicals.


In conclusion, paper products are not as common in non-English speaking countries. They are a great way to clean up your home or office and have many different uses. The main types of paper products include: toilet paper (TP), tissue paper (TP), paper towels (PT) and other types of cleaning wipes like disinfectant wipes or disinfectant spray bottles (DW).