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A Hipster’s Guide To Beer Brands

By | source:Here Nov 29th, 2019

Have you ever sat in the pub or at a bar and looked down at your beer, thinking “I wonder who owns this brand?”. It might only be me, but hopefully you’re thinking it now and wondering how the brewery industry lines up. There are a lot of independent brands out there for sure, but lots of names that you may recognize are surprisingly closely related.

Owning a business isn’t an easy feat and with the various precautions, regulations, and the finer details that go into making beer, it’s a difficult industry to get into. For many, that hasn’t stopped them and today there are a lot of brands out there that prosper and grow in the industry. Everyone has their favorite beer, and there’s no doubt about it that nobody has heard of every brand out there, so there’s always room to try out something new.

We’ve got a handy infographic detailing the different brands, some of which are the more popular ones to help you to see the different companies and how the breweries are more tightly linked than you might think. Leaving the over 20,000 independent breweries to one side, we’ll take a look at which companies own which brands. You may even be surprised at what beers are linked and what breweries are owned by the same names!