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9 Hacks for Movie Snacks

By | source: Nov 30th, 2014

One of my favorite things about the holidays – aside from the pumpkin, sweaters and family time – is going to see all of the awesome movies that start showing in November and December. Awards season is upon us, so there will undoubtedly be a lot of great movies playing, but I’m most excited about seeing The Hobbit in high frame rate 3D at Alamo Drafthouse.

Speaking of, it’s amazing that there are so many options for theaters. Going to Alamo Drafthouse for drinks, dinner and/or snacks is by far my favorite, but standard theaters have their own appeal. Sometimes you just want movie theater popcorn with butter, a soda and some Cookie Dough Bites. Unfortunately, most movie food is pretty unhealthy. According to the infographic, some movies snacks can be up to 1,200 calories, and are often full of sodium, sugar and fat.

Never fear, the infographic also provides some tips to follow that can prevent you from completely ruining your diet. You can leave the butter or extra salt off the popcorn, and skip the soda in favor of water. Another good option is to eat before the movie, or make a plan to eat immediately once it’s over. And if you’re really feeling daring, you can bring your own snacks from home. (I may or may not do it myself occasionally.)