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7 Techniques To Remember Anything

By | source:Here Jan 22nd, 2018

At first glance, memorization seems like a fundamental skill Google is doing away with.  Getting through life successfully is still difficult without memorization though.  You need to memorize information for major tests, school/business presentations, and enough knowledge to at least make you sound smart. The problem is, memorization is getting easier and easier to ignore.  To really stand out and remember details quickly,here are techniques to improve memory.

If you’re needing to memorize a speech, pretend you’re walking through your house. You know every room, every direction to turn to, and every detail in each room. Treat your speech like this walk through your house. It’s a technique called Loci. Divide the information of your speech like the rooms in your house. Keep retracing your steps to keep that information retained.

A technique that I’m going to try in the future is called the PQRST technique. This technique helps with memorization for an exam. The acronym PQRST stands for, “Preview, Question, Read, State, Test.” If you follow the steps used for this technique, you should be able to easily retain information and retrieve it with ease.

I hope you can use the techniques in this infographic to become a master of memorization. If you need more tips for exams, check out this ultimate cheat sheet for studying.